20201222 - GOLD COAST QT-3

LNP Business Lockdown Action Plan

Small businesses are the engine of the Queensland economy and right now thousands are on their knees.

The LNP is the party for small and family businesses.

I held a virtual forum with industry leaders from small business, tourism, the arts, entertainment and pubs and clubs yesterday.

Today, the LNP is releasing a four point small business action plan.

  • COVID Relief Support
    • Provide grant funding to businesses impacted directly or indirectly by the lockdown.
    • A public campaign to encourage consumers to support their local small businesses (e.g dining vouchers implemented in other jurisdictions.)
  • Tax Relief
    • Providing further deferrals or waivers of Queensland government fees and taxes, including:
      • Payroll tax.
      • Gaming tax.
      • Liquor licence fees.
  • Certainty
    • Improve consistency and transparency of state government messaging.
  • Ongoing Support
    • Mental health support services catering for the specific needs of small business owners and employees.


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