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Hero Cop & Queenslander of the Year makes tilt for Parliament with the LNP

Attribute the following to LNP Candidate for Stretton Jim Bellos

I am delighted to announce today that I am your candidate for Stretton at the upcoming by-election.

My family and I have been part of this community for more than 30 years.

I joined the police service three decades ago because I wanted safety and security for my family.

Now more than ever, I want that for my community.

I want your family to have a safe neighbourhood, secure health care – and I’m tired of sitting in traffic on Gowan road.

My family and I love being part of our local community, and the step I’m taking today is an extension of that connection.

I’d like to thank Duncan Pegg for his years of service. I’ve worked closely with him and I hope to continue serving our community.

I have chosen to take this opportunity to stand up for my community that I wish to serve in a greater capacity – I am here to serve you.

Attribute the following to Leader of the Opposition David Crisafulli
Mr Bellos is an outstanding candidate for Stretton.

Jim and I are both sons of migrants whose parents taught us the values of hard work and working with your community.

We’ve selected a community champion in a bid to show all Queenslanders regardless of how they’ve voted before that they matter.

In doing so we want multicultural communities to know we are with them.

Jim Bellos – Awards and Community Engagement:

  • Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) and the Australian Police Medal (APM) for ‘Service to Multicultural communities through the Queensland Police Service’.
  • Twice recognised at the Queensland of the Year awards; in 2009 as the ‘Queenslander of the Year’ and again in 2012, as ‘Queensland’s Local Hero’ and a finalist for the 2013 Australian of the Year awards in Canberra.
  • Three national and state awards for outstanding contribution to enhancing relations within diverse multicultural communities.
  • Appointed a People of Australia Ambassador in Canberra in 2013. The People of Australia Ambassadors Program honours people who embody the principles of Australia’s Multicultural Policy and have a strong commitment to inclusion, social cohesion and actions which unite all Australians.

Adopt a Cop at Sunnybank Hills State School for 22 years; Islamic College of Brisbane for 15 years; Wisdom College for 10 years.

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