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Crisafulli’s Crusade hits 10,000 signatures in 24 hours

In just shy of 24 hours, more than 10,000 Queenslanders have signed a petition to reinstate breach of bail as offence in the youth justice act.

The response at Willows Markets in Townsville today was heartbreaking.

One woman has been broken into four time and is now installing a deadlock on her bedroom door as a last line of defence.

Another shed tears as she told of being hit by a stolen car.

The people of Queensland are sending our government a message about the impacts of a Youth Justice System that doesn’t protect victims or divert offenders from a life of crime.

I promise to deliver it.

I will table this petition on the floor of Parliament and take it to the State Government.

Let’s not stop at 10,000 signatures – keep them coming.

Every voice matters.

It’s time to take real action on youth crime.

Sign the petition here: http://is.gd/tsvcrime


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