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LNP commits to Parliamentary Budget Office

The LNP today announced it will establish a Parliamentary Budget Office to bring transparency and honesty back to the forefront of all State Government operations. 

The Parliamentary Budget Office will ensure Queenslanders know the truth in the lead up to an election by producing a pre-election Economic Financial Outlook.

This Economic Financial Outlook will put an end to bickering over budget and election costings and will be delivered six weeks before the start of any election period.

It will also produce an intergenerational report that sets out a long-term strategy for Queensland. 

“The Parliamentary Budget Office will bring back trust and dignity to the process and finally allow Queenslanders to know the whole truth,” Leader of the Opposition David Crisafulli said.

“I don’t fear having the microscope put over what I say I’ll do, when I’ll do it and how much it will cost. 

“Does the third term Premier value transparency in the same way she did when she was Opposition Leader well over half a decade ago?”

The Parliamentary Budget Office will be run independent of Government and will come under the authority of the Parliament.

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