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LNP launches landmark policy to create jobs for vulnerable Queenslanders

The biggest social enterprise scheme in Queensland’s history has been unveiled by the LNP today.

The LNP Social Entrepreneurs Loans Scheme will invest $20 million every year to empower social enterprises to change the lives of Queenslanders who need it most.

Loans will be capped at $500,000 and applicants will be required to meet certain conditions to access the scheme.

The interest-free loans will give Queensland’s brightest social entrepreneurs the start they need.

These long-term partnerships will be supported and administered by the Queensland Investment Corporation (QIC).

“Queenslanders living with a disability find it difficult to secure long-term employment,” Shadow Treasurer David Janetzki said.

“And 70 per cent of refugees struggle to find a job in their first year living in Australia.”

Mr Janetzki said it was about developing economic policy with heart.

“The success rate of social enterprise workers is 80 per cent employment after 12 months, compared with 35 per cent in current government programs,” he said.

“This landmark LNP policy will partner government with social entrepreneurs to develop skills and mentoring opportunities, linking them with the wider business community, and helping vulnerable and disadvantaged Queenslanders into jobs.

“I want the Queensland economy working for everyone.

“Every Queenslander deserves a job and the opportunity to keep it.”

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