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COVID-19 Support for Small Business

If we are on the verge of a lockdown then the State Government must release a COVID-19 Lockdown Support Package for small and family businesses.

Tourism, hospitality and events operators across Queensland are crying out for measures to protect their small businesses.

LNP suggestions include:

  • LUMP LOCKDOWN PAYMENTS: payments for small businesses to cover loss of income due to lockdowns
  • DEEP CLEANING COVER: a rebate covering deep cleaning fees if a business is identified as a COVID-19 exposure venue
  • EVENT CANCELLATION REBATES: covers financial losses if event is cancelled due to a lockdown

Small and family business owners and their staff want certainty. 

Right now, they are wondering whether to buy perishables or not.

They’re wondering whether to roster staff on or not.

Businesses are prepared to accept the health advice for the greater good but when a decision is taken beyond their control, they need to know they don’t have to carry the full burden all on their own.

The big thing for small business is confidence. Now more than ever we must give them that.

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