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20-year plan to dream big for Queensland tourism

The LNP is calling for a 20-year tourism plan to harness the golden opportunity that Brisbane’s 2032 Olympics offers.

The three-stage plan should incorporate the period leading up to the games, during the event and the post Olympics period.

Leader of the Opposition and Shadow Minister for Tourism David Crisafulli said it was a chance to dream big in a way that we haven’t for generations.

“While the eyes of the world are on us, this is our chance to go for gold,” he said.

“2032 shouldn’t be our Olympic finish line, but merely the midway point of a golden age for tourism in Queensland.

“All levels of government should work together to prioritise this important strategy, but it must be driven by the State Government.

“This is the maroon challenge.”

The State Government’s tourism plans, including the Ecotourism Plan and the Queensland Tourism and Transport Strategy, are currently out of date.

“We need to deliver new products to create a visitor experience that puts us back on the top of the world, and we need an aggressive strategy either side of the games,” Mr Crisafulli said.

“Let’s go back to the era where we are prepared to use what makes Queensland special to drive tourism in our great state.”

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