Labor’s humiliating youth jail backdown

A relentless fight by the Sunshine Coast community and the LNP Opposition has forced the State Government into a humiliating backdown, dumping their plans to build a youth jail in Caloundra.

Opposition Leader David Crisafulli said today’s outcome follows months of campaigning.

“This decision comes after sustained pressure from Sunshine Coast locals and the State Opposition,” Mr Crisafulli said.

“The people of Caloundra made it abundantly clear they didn’t want this youth jail in their backyard.

“The State Government refused to listen.

“More than 6000 locals signed our petition but Labor still defended the project.

“Today’s backdown is a win for the community, following months of backlash.

“The Premier is only interested with how things look, not how things are.

“We won’t stop fighting for our communities, especially when the State Government tries to sneak through changes without consultation.”

Kawana MP Jarrod Bleijie said Jason Hunt wanted this youth jail in Caloundra, Labor wanted this youth jail in Caloundra but the people of Caloundra didn’t want this youth jail.

“Jason Hunt deliberately ignored these calls for months.” Mr Bleijie said.

“He didn’t listen and he didn’t fight for his community.

“He tried to hoodwink this community.

“How dumb does Jason Hunt think the people of Caloundra are?

“He must front up to the people of Caloundra and apologise for going behind their back.

“His credibility is in tatters this morning and I doubt he’ll ever recovery from this mess he created.”

Member for Ninderry Dan Purdie said this was a stupid idea from the start.

“Caloundra never wanted this youth jail, but he was too gutless to speak up in Brisbane,” Mr Purdie said.

“There was absolutely no consultation by the State Government.

“Labor has already spent millions of dollars on this project, and it will take millions more to undo it.

“This has been a huge waste of taxpayer’s money.

“You can’t trust Labor.

“The people of Caloundra won’t forget about this at the ballot box in 2024.

“Thank you to the community for joining us in our fight to have this ridiculous plan dumped.”

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