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State Government must release business support package

Shadow Minister for Small & Family Business Brent Mickelberg

The LNP is calling on the State Government to immediately rollout a business support package in Queensland.

Queensland small and family businesses are in free fall with low patronage and staff shortages closing doors across the state.

Businesses need immediate support to survive and it’s up to the State Government to provide it.

The Opposition commends Brisbane City Council for stepping up with its own business support package.

It is time for the State Government to finally start listening and release it’s own package.

Shadow Minister for Small and Family Business Brent Mickelberg says the government’s failure to act is unacceptable given it’s had two years to prepare for these dark days.

“We’ve been relentlessly calling for business support for this exact moment,” Mr Mickelberg says.

“They should be ready for the biggest hurdle, yet the State Government is nowhere to be seen.

“It’s gut wrenching to see family-run businesses that have been in operation for decades close the door on their dream, and their staff go without a job.”

More than half of Queensland businesses are experiencing critical staff shortages due to inconsistencies and changes in quarantine requirements and what is considered a close contact.

“The hospitality and tourism sector has never done it this tough.

“Businesses are telling us the current conditions they’re facing are worse than a lockdown.

“Everyday the State Government refuses to listen to small businesses, more go under and more Queenslanders lose their jobs. It’s just unacceptable.

“There is no more time for excuses – Queenslanders deserve more from their Government.”

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