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Bells ringing for a plan to help the struggling wedding industry

Queensland’s wedding industry is in the fight of its life with cancellations, staff isolation and a lack of support forcing operators and venues to the wall.

Opposition Leader David Crisafulli visited wedding businesses in Maleny alongside Shadow Small & Family Business Minister Brent Mickelberg and local Member for Glass House Andrew Powell to listen to struggling vendors. 

The LNP has called on the State Government to stop ignoring the pain of Queensland small and family businesses and their staff and immediately implement a support package.

“The wedding industry is one of the many small and family business sectors that’s been forgotten by the State Government,” Mr Crisafulli said.

“Staff are isolating because they can’t get tested and operators are being left with no choice but to close their doors due to the uncertainty.

“They experienced similar trading conditions through lockdowns, but right now they’ve got no support.

“After enduring almost two years of pain, we can’t let these Queenslanders fall at this hurdle.

“The State Government must come up with a support package for small and family businesses and their staff immediately.”

Shadow Small & Family Business Minister Brent Mickelberg said if the State Government knew how to plan properly it could act today and release a business support package.

“The State Government needs to start listening and stop ignoring what’s happening in the real world,” Mr Mickelberg said. 

“Almost one in two people operate or work for small and medium businesses across Queensland.

“Why is the State Government abandoning these Queenslanders in their toughest hour yet? 

“The LNP has been advocating hard for small and family businesses. We need to look at things like payroll tax relief, targeted support grants, sick leave cover and electricity or water rebates.

“There’s not time to waste. The longer this takes the Government the more small and family businesses will be lost.”

Local Member for Glass House Andrew Powell said it was vital the State Government enacted a support package that small businesses like wedding vendors could access.

“My electorate is home to hundreds of Queenslanders who make a living from the wedding industry,” Mr Powell said. 

“These businesses have been fighting to stay afloat for the last two years and some vendors are telling me their survival is hinging on a support package.

“While they’re abiding by the restrictions, they say unofficial ‘backyard weddings’ are flourishing.

“Without an explanation and without a plan, the business owners and their staff who are doing the right thing will continue to close one by one.

“Where is the State Government on this? Where is the business support package and what’s stopping the State Government from releasing one?

“Businesses in my electorate and across Queensland want these questions answered and they want a support package today.”

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