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Stop stalling and release a business support package now

Shadow Minister for Small & Family Business Brent Mickelberg

The LNP is calling on the Queensland Government to urgently release a business support package like those being released by other states. 

The New South Wales Premier is now promising a new support package for small businesses that will be ready within a week, on top of the Event Saver Fund already in place.

Victoria has a commercial tenancy relief package and South Australia is continuing its support package announced last year which includes business hardship grants.

Shadow Minister for Small and Family Business Brent Mickelberg said the Queensland Government must start listening to what’s really happening to small and family businesses and their staff. 

“Other states care about small businesses and their staff. Why doesn’t the Queensland Government care?” Mr Mickelberg said. 

“During this whole pandemic, Queensland has been at the back of the pack.

“Small and family businesses and their staff cannot afford for Queensland to be last again.

“The LNP has been listening to small and family businesses. They need a support package that includes targeted support grants, payroll tax relief, sick leave cover and electricity rebates.

“They can’t wait any longer. Businesses are closing. Staff are losing jobs.

“The Treasurer should have been prepared for this.

“The State Government must release a business support package now.

“We won’t stop calling for it until Queenslanders get the support they deserve.”

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