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Building watchdog review a sham

Shadow Housing Minister Tim Mander

The crisis engulfing the state’s building regulator continues to snowball under Minister Mick de Brenni’s leadership.

Only a day after setting up his chatroom, which is meant to inform a review of the organisation, it was chaotically shut down.

The simple truth is, just like this shambolic chatroom, the review into the QBCC is a disgrace.

Under a cloud of multiple conflict of interest issues by board members and inappropriate ministerial intervention, the government can’t even run its sham chat room review properly.

The last week has shown that integrity matters very little to this government and its Ministers. 

Mick de Brenni is no exception. In fact, his record suggests that integrity doesn’t matter to him at all.

If Minister de Brenni was serious about integrity he would resign. 

He has stopped listening to the industry and Queensland home builders.

It’s time for him to go.

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