20201222 - GOLD COAST QT-3

Minister has no plan for secure electricity access for Queenslanders

Shadow Energy Minister Pat Weir

For months I have been calling on Energy Minister Mick de Brenni to come clean on his plan to guarantee the security and reliability of Queensland’s electricity network.

We now have the government telling Queenslanders not to use their air conditioning or clothes dryers on one of the hottest days of the year.

Today’s revelations prove the Minister has always had no plan to provide secure electricity access for Queenslanders.

If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.

The Minister has refused to be transparent in declaring his failure to plan. In doing so, the Minister has also failed in showing Queenslanders the integrity that is central to good governance.

When governments give up on integrity, they give up on governing in your best interests.

That’s why we now don’t have the electricity network security Queenslanders are entitled to.

Mick de Brenni has form.

This is yet another example that shows Mick de Brenni is not capable of governing and must be sacked.

The Premier must act.

Queenslanders deserve better.

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