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Recall the Queensland Parliament

This morning I have written to the Premier asking her to recall the Parliament next week.

I know this is a serious step, but it is in the best interests of Queenslanders.

This is the darkest period for integrity in more than three decades.

Ministers Mick De Brenni, Leanne Enoch and Mark Bailey can’t keep hiding from these serious allegations.

The Integrity Commission alleges her office was raided, laptop seized and contents wiped.

Allegations by the Former State Archivist that he faced internal pressure to change a report to protect the Government.

Yesterday, the Premier admitted she had not spoken to her Ministers about these allegations, despite having a cabinet meeting on Monday.

The least these Ministers can do is face the music in parliament on behalf of the people of Queensland.

The Premier must recall Parliament next week.

We will not take a backward step in ensuring accountability in Government and this includes the need for a full Royal Commission into the systemic integrity crisis burning through the Labor Government.

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