20201222 - GOLD COAST QT-3

Queensland needs a real integrity inquiry

The Integrity Crisis engulfing the State Government has entered its third week.

Queenslanders want a full Royal Commission into the systemic integrity issues burning through the heart of the Queensland Government.

Dodgy rotten governments oversee rotten systems.

To ensure Queenslanders can rely on the services they need, we must have a full Royal Commission.

However, rather than listen to Queenslanders, the State Government continues to deflect, distract, and attack.

After 7 long years in power, Queenslanders are now seeing through this dodgy PR playbook.

The State Government has a clear choice.

Are they on the side of Queenslanders who value integrity in government or are they on the side of cover-ups and corruption?

The personal integrity of the Premier is crumbling before our eyes.

The Premier wants people who’ve witnessed integrity concerns to come forward, but when they do they get attacked by her Ministers.

This is the behaviour of dodgy, rotten, third-term governments.

No doubt after being briefed by her 30 media spinners, today the Premier tried to change her tune right before a Cabinet meeting.

We saw backbenchers question her over the weekend.

No doubt the internal pressure upon her is growing.

The Premier clearly knows there is an integrity crisis in her government.

Now to ensure our state’s future she must also agree, Queensland needs a full Royal Commission.

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