20201222 - GOLD COAST QT-3

Queensland students back to the classroom

Shadow Education Minister Dr Christian Rowan

The last two years have been very challenging for students, parents, teachers and staff across all of our Queensland schools.

I would like to take this opportunity to once again commend the way all of our educational professionals, parents and students have met the challenges of the COVID-19 health pandemic.

It remains a high priority for students to get vaccinated and for all school staff to have their booster when it is due.

I encourage students and school staff to follow the best available health advice in order to reduce the harms of COVID-19.

The State Government must ensure that its back to school plan is implemented in each and every school.

The State Government has given an iron-clad guarantee that there will be a sufficient supply of Rapid Antigen Tests in all Government and Non-Government Schools, as well as a sufficient supply of masks, hand sanitiser, and increased cleaning, particularly of high touch point areas.

Already, schools are reporting that they do not have sufficient supplies of Rapid Antigen Tests and masks.

There also remains significant concerns about air ventilation and air quality.

The State Government must ensure that the recommendations of health and air quality experts are implemented in full.

The State Government’s Cleaner Cooler Schools Program has had a number of instances of air conditioning being installed, and subsequently not being able to be turned on, due to a failure to upgrade local electrical networks.

The State Government has also failed to anticipate the job losses and economic impacts of its plan on school camp and outdoor education providers, unlike New South Wales, which has announced a multi-million dollar package of support for such businesses.

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