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Queensland Government cleaning up its own mess with Paradise Dam

Shadow Minister for Water and the Construction of Dams Deb Frecklington

This isn’t an announcement, this is the Queensland Government cleaning up its own mess.

The Queensland Government broke Paradise Dam and is now repairing the mess created by its own mistake.

They made a mess and now they want recognition for cleaning it up.

For the Premier to describe what is essentially a patch up job as her largest investment in water infrastructure is a full admission of the failures of her government when it comes to water security.

By her own admission, the Premier’s largest investment in water infrastructure will not capture one extra drop of water for Queenslanders.

That is embarrassing.

The LNP has maintained Paradise Dam should be restored to its full height. 

This State Government’s decision to lower the dam wall was in direct contradiction to expert engineering advice.

Let’s be very clear about today’s political stunt.

The Premier tore down the dam wall in 2020.

Today Queenslanders are now being asked to pay for this government’s past mistake.

The Queensland Government’s failure to listen is now costing Queenslanders dearly.

The Premier has consistently failed to address water security in Queensland. 

The Premier is trying to distract and deflect from the integrity crisis burning through her government.

Queenslanders will see through this politically fuelled mess, and they won’t cop it.

Please attribute the following to Member for Burnett Stephen Bennett:

Just when we thought we finally had the answers our producers so desperately need, we’re back to the old uncertainty and political posturing.

I again call on this government to give us some answers and restore water security to Paradise Dam.

The people of Bundaberg and the Wide Bay region have been crying out for certainty around Paradise Dam for years after they were hung out to dry by a shock decision to lower the dam walls.

It’s simple.

If our essential food bowl doesn’t have access to a reliable supply of water, then we can’t feed our nation.

The people of Wide Bay deserve better from this government.

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