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Queensland’s social housing crisis laid bare in shameful new report

Shadow Minister for Housing Tim Mander

A damning new report has exposed critical failures by the State Government to ensure vulnerable Queenslanders have a roof over their head.

New figures unearthed by the Opposition reveal the number of social housing bedrooms in Queensland hasn’t even increased by one percent since 2017.

Shadow Minister for Housing Tim Mander said the state’s social housing crisis falls firmly at the feet of the government.

“Our most vulnerable Queenslanders are being horribly let down,” Mr Mander said.

“Halfway through the nearly $2 billion, 10-year Queensland Housing Strategy, only 1190 additional bedrooms have been built.

“Social housing stock has flatlined in Queensland despite an eye-watering increase in demand.

“In the same five-year period Queensland’s social housing waiting list has increased by 70% from 29,000 to 50,000.

“Even more disturbing, 22 Queensland councils including Moreton, the number of social housing bedrooms have gone backwards.

“Brisbane, which is Australia’s fastest growing capital city, has increase by a measly 59 bedrooms.

“This should alarm every Queenslander who finds themselves in need of a roof over their head.

“You can’t trust this government to put a roof over your head when you really need one.

“This data has been sourced by the State Government’s own reports, so the Premier and the Housing Minister can’t dispute it.”

Mr Mander said it was little wonder the State Government had resorted to poaching private rental supply because of their abject failure to build new housing stock.

“Where have the billions of taxpayer dollars gone?” Mr Mander said.

“Five years in, the Government’s Housing Strategy is in a state of total disarray.

“Housing Minister Leeanne Enoch has been in hiding after becoming embroiled in the State Government’s integrity scandals instead of actually doing her job.

“Vulnerable Queenslanders are losing out because the State Government is too obsessed about how things look, instead how things really are.

“This is a dodgy, rotten third term government that is no longer governing for Queenslanders.

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