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Integrity crisis deepens

Shadow Minster for Integrity in Government Fiona Simpson

Today’s damning allegations from yet another former independent officer adds further fuel to the fire of the crisis that is burning through this State Government.

The time for ducking and weaving and attempts to deflect, distract and attack is over.

The claims made by the former Director of Forensic Disability Vanda Wieczorkowski is more evidence that there is an integrity crisis burning through the Queensland Government.

Here is another former senior member of the public service who has been heavied and intimidated for speaking up.

Instead of listening to her concerns and fixing a rotting system, the powers that be forced her out.

This is the behaviour of a dodgy, rotten government.

Over the past month we’ve heard damning allegations from multiple senior integrity officers.

Let’s recap. 

  • Former Integrity Commissioner Nikola Stepanov alleged interference and claims a laptop was taken from her office and wiped. Ms Stepanov’s was investigating illegal lobbying.
  • Former State Archivist Mike Summerell also alleges interference. Mr Summerell claims the State Government ordered him to falsify reports.
  • Former Legal Services Commissioner Bob Brittan called for a far-reaching inquiry into the State Government’s integrity saying he was “bewildered” that ethical issues he raised on the job were ignored.
  • Auditor-General Brendan Worrall publicly pushed for law changes to bolster his independence amid concerns the State Government holds too much power over his office.
  • Former ministerial staff claim private emails were regularly used by Ministers and staff for official government business and were often deleted to circumvent Right to Information requests from journalists.
  • The principal author of the state’s Integrity Act Howard Whitton publicly backed an independent inquiry.
  • Labor backbenchers have claimed where there’s smoke there’s fire.
  • Now the government has been caught whitewashing reports into the private email scandal.
  • The Chair of the CCC has also resigned 

Nothing short of a full blown Royal Commission into the integrity crisis burning through the heart of this government is required.

When a government gives up on integrity, they give up on governing for you in place of their mates.

After the darkest period for integrity in more than three decades anything short of Royal Commission is a cop out.

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