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State Government caught whitewashing report

Governments that whitewash reports wash their hands of accountability.

The dumping of government documents late on a Friday is bad enough, but what has been exposed in them is explosive.

The use of private emails is no longer the major issue.

The crime is half a decade of cover ups that continue to this day.

The differences between an original report by an independent officer and the one whitewashed by the government are damning.

Initial analysis of the two reports reveals multiple discrepancies.

This includes the removal of references to several current Ministers like now Deputy Premier Steven Miles and Public Works Minister Mick de Brenni who are accused of the widespread use of private emails for government business.

This is further evidence that there is an integrity crisis burning through the Queensland Government.

When asked, the Premier said she hoped the report would not be dumped on a Friday.

What has just transpired, speaks for itself.

If a whitewashed report was provided to the CCC, someone must be held accountable.

Nothing short of a full blown Royal Commission into systemic corruption in this government will cut it.

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