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Satellite hospitals won’t fix Queensland Health Crisis

Shadow Health Minister Ros Bates

Let’s be transparent about this. 

A satellite hospital is not a hospital.

Labor’s so-called satellite hospitals will only provide the services of a community day clinic.

While all health services are welcome, the State Labor Government should be honest with Queenslanders about what they’re promising to deliver. 

A hospital has a theatre, an emergency department, an intensive care unit and overnight beds.

These aren’t hospitals, they are health centres.

It is misleading for the Premier to announce a satellite hospital will be built at Eight Mile Plains when she knows it will be nothing more than a community day clinic.

It is typical of a government focused on how things look, not how things are.

Labor is losing control of Queensland Health and this is suggesting they are delivering genuine solutions, when they’re not.

It’s misleading Queenslanders. 

It’s not what they promised and it’s not what they’ll deliver.

Queenslanders deserve better from this government.

If your child has an asthma attack, your father has a heart attack or your grandparent breaks a hip, a satellite hospital won’t help.

Anyone in genuine need of a hospital will still have to be transferred to a real hospital nearby which has the facilities and equipment they need to treat patients. 

The LNP has put solutions on the table including more beds, better triage and giving power back to the frontline staff to make better decisions to improve patient care.

Labor must stop this nonsense and invest in a world-class healthcare system for all Queenslanders.

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