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Labor fails Chinchilla mum forced to give birth on side of the road

Shadow Minister for Health Ros Bates

I am appalled at reports a baby was born on the side of a busy highway because of a lack of maternity services in Chinchilla.  

We’ve been saying for months that Queensland Health is in crisis, and this again proves the State Government is losing control of our health services.

No expectant mother should have to face the prospect of delivering their baby on the side of the Warrego Highway.

It’s dangerous and absurd.

We know that this Labor State Government has closed dozens of rural maternity services in Queensland and this case at Chinchilla is no different.

So where does that leave expectant mums?

The Rural Maternity Taskforce report completed in 2019 must be sitting on a shelf in the Minister’s office collecting dust.

The Health Minister must be held accountable.

She’s stopped listening to the needs of rural communities and expectant mums.

They deserve better.

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