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Premier must act on Acland

Shadow Minister for Natural Resources, Mines and Energy

It’s now been two months since the Land Court handed down its decision on the Acland Mine’s expansion.

The Premier has always hidden behind the court’s decision as a reason for her own inaction.

Hundreds of workers have lost their jobs because of the Premier’s failure to make a decision.

There are serious questions the Premier must answer as to why she is holding this up.

Is the Premier waiting for more time-wasting objections to give her a reason to force further legal action and keep holding this up?

Or is it because the Premier has given up on governing, too focused on the long list of integrity scandals embroiling her Government and Ministers?

I again call on the Premier to get out of this project’s way.

Her time is well and truly up.

These displaced workers, their families and the great rural communities I proudly represent deserve better from this State Government.

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