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Queenslanders want a Royal Commission

Shadow Integrity Minister Fiona Simpson

It has come my attention that today the Attorney-General has taken an interest in the integrity failures of her government.

I can confirm I welcome this news.

I also thank her for reminding all public servants and whistleblowers that they can contact the Opposition Office if they would like to discuss the failings of this government.

It has been widely reported whistleblowers who have raised concerns about this government have been forced out the door.

The Attorney-General is naively presumptuous if she is assuming that the Opposition hasn’t advised whistleblowers it is of the upmost importance they refer serious matters to the CCC.  

However, like the Integrity Commissioner asserted yesterday, whistleblowers have made it clear.

They want a Royal Commission to bring about genuine change with the way government conducts itself in Queensland.

There is no excuse left for the Attorney-General and her Premier.

Perhaps the Attorney-General and her Premier should start paying attention and start listening.

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