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Deputy Premier trashes openness & transparency

Shadow Environment Minister Sam O’Connor

The Deputy Premier has blatantly trashed openness and transparency.

Reports this morning about how a landfill in Ipswich was called-in stinks to high heaven. 

Ipswich City Council pleaded with former Planning Minister Dick at least 3 times to call-in landfill proposals. All were rejected.

Labor lobbyists asked Planning Minister Miles to call-in the Wanless landfill proposal. He agreed.  


Right now in Queensland we have the only Premier in Australian history to be found in contempt of Parliament trying to lecture people about respecting processes and institutions.

At the same time her Deputy is fragrantly trashing openness and transparency by bending over backwards to please his Labor lobbyist mates.

This abuse of power should not be tolerated by Queenslanders and the type of dodgy rotten behaviour that must be exposed through a Royal Commission.

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