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Flood review must look at State Government failings

The State Opposition has called on the State Government to include its own handling of the flood emergency in their review.

Opposition Leader David Crisafulli said the mixed messages and miscommunication from the State Government needed to be improved ahead of future events.

“Queenslanders deserve guarantees the State Government will put the spotlight on its own failings,” Mr Crisafulli said.

“The Premier was absent from the field until Saturday afternoon when she told Queenslanders the event wouldn’t be serious.

“The Premier didn’t talk directly to Queenslanders about school closures. Instead, it was her social media team that distributed incorrect information causing chaos and confusion.

“Again yesterday, two different reports on who will lead the recovery were shared within minutes of each other.

“This was a complete breakdown in communication.”

Shadow Minister for Emergency Services Dale Last said we must learn from these failures so the same mistakes didn’t happen again.

“This review must be wide-ranging, thorough and its findings released publicly,” Mr Last said.

“Queenslanders deserve a full-blown review into the State Government’s handling of this catastrophic emergency, not another review which will make findings about everyone else’s failings but their own.”

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