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State Government failures sees 1 billion litres of water wasted

An unforgivable governance failure has seen more than 1 billion litres of water go to waste in a cruel blow to Lockyer Valley farmers.  

SEQWater has admitted a pump failure is to blame for water not being captured in Lake Clarendon during the recent rain event.

As a result, Lake Clarendon barely surpassed 30% capacity whilst the nearby Atkinson Dam was overflowing.

Shockingly, more than 1 billion litres of water has been wasted. 

Not only has this failure put the long term water security for Lockyer growers at risk, it likely added to the flooding woes across the region.

Leader of the Opposition David Crisafulli said it was the result of poor planning and maintenance.

“Let’s be frank about this. The State Government has failed to do its job and maintain a critical asset and now more than 1 billion litres of water has been wasted.

“This extraordinary level of incompetence will cost us dearly in the years ahead.

“It’s a damning indictment of a culture where how things look is more important than getting the basics right and as a result a precious resource has washed out to sea.

“In it’s third-term, the State Government is getting lazy and dropping the ball on the basics.

“How can Queenslanders trust this government to deliver water security for our state?

“Queenslanders deserve so much better than this.”

Shadow Minister for Water and the Construction of Dams Deb Frecklington says this failure is unforgivable.

“This third-term government is failing to handle even the most basic responsibilities and service delivery is going down the drain,” Mrs Frecklington said.

“The failed pump at Lake Clarendon shows this Government has all but given up on governing, too enthralled in an integrity crisis blazing through the government.

“The Premier must explain to Queenslanders why her government failed them so badly.

“I feel for the water users of the Lockyer who have been coughing up money for maintenance as part of their water charges, only to have the pumps fail at a time when they were needed the most.

“This government’s failure to listen to the needs of Queenslanders is costing us all dearly.”

Local Member for Lockyer Jim McDonald has called for action to be taken to fix the problem and to refund the farmers the money they have paid.

“I represent one of the biggest food bowls in the country and times like this with heavy rainfall carry many growers through dryer periods,” Mr McDonald said.

“The State Government’s failure to manage water assets means the growers I represent have been let down again and this is a further demonstration of the need for long term water security.”

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