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Stop reviewing, start doing

Shadow Attorney-General Tim Nicholls

The reports about the Public Trustee on 4 Corners last night were damning and disturbing.

The Attorney-General and the State Government stand condemned for their failure to protect the most vulnerable in our community.    

As advocate Inge-Marie Piekkala stated, what we heard was no less than ‘state-sanctioned elder abuse.’

Shadow Attornery-General Tim Nicholls said last night’s report shows vulnerable Queenslanders are still being ripped off by a government more interested in reviewing than doing.

“The stories of Chris, Clinton and Peter are only a few of many who have experienced the same treatment,” Mr Nicholls said.

“We have story after story of vulnerable people losing almost everything at the hands of the body that should be safeguarding their future.

“Over the last 4 years the LNP has repeatedly raised concerns about the actions of the Public Trustee.

“Since becoming Shadow Attorney-General and Shadow Minister for Justice, I’ve hosted several public meetings across Queensland on this issue and prosecuted the failings in Parliament.

“The government must immediately finalise the review and change the fees and charges to a fairer system before the June Budget. Otherwise, vulnerable Queenslanders and their families will just be worse off.

“Vulnerable Queenslanders should have confidence the Public Trustee will work for them.”

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