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Dick’s Dubai dossier doesn’t add up

Deputy Opposition Leader Jarrod Bleijie

The LNP is calling on Treasurer Cameron Dick to be open and honest with Queenslanders about the true cost of his trip to Dubai, during Brisbane’s flood emergency.

On Tuesday, the Treasurer tabled the report into his taxpayer funded trip.

However, there was no mention of costs, accommodation, or flight class.

Queenslanders can judge it for themselves here.

The report also reveals that the Treasurer jetted off to Dubai on the same day the Bruce Highway closed, and flood levels peaked in Gympie.

Deputy Leader of the Opposition Jarrod Bleijie said that the Treasurer abandoned his community.

“The Treasurer’s priorities during a crisis were wrong and a complete failure of leadership,” Mr Bleijie said.

“Treasurer Dick had a choice between standing by his community in their hour of need or let them fend for themselves. He chose the latter.

“I agree with the Labor’s MP for Caloundra when he said in Parliament: “in times of a crisis a leader must be present, visible and leading from the front.”

“Real leadership means knowing when your community needs you the most. It’s clear that means nothing to Cameron Dick.

“Not only did the Treasurer go through with his luxury trip but he is now refusing the costs to Queenslanders.

“Did the Treasurer fly first class?

“At which 5-star hotel did the Treasurer stay?

“What has he got to hide?

“Who knows how many Queensland flood victims missed out on assistance because the Treasurer used taxpayers’ money to jet off to Dubai.

“Once again, this arrogant third-term Labor Government is failing to listen when Queenslanders need them most.

“Queenslanders deserve better.”

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