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Shocking rise in DVO breaches on the Gold Coast

Shadow Minister for the Prevention of Domestic, Family and Sexual Violence Amanda Camm

The LNP is demanding the Queensland Labor Government take urgent action to protect victims of domestic violence.

Horrifying statistics show the number of breaches of domestic violence orders on the Gold Coast are rising faster than anywhere else in the state with thousands recorded every year.

Since the Palaszczuk Government came to power seven years ago, the number of domestic violence order breaches on the Gold Coast have risen a shocking 162%.

In the past two years alone, breaches have soared 26% to now total almost 4000.

Across Queensland, DVO breaches have more than doubled to total almost 45,000 last year, a rise of 129%.

Nationally, Queensland has the second highest number of DVO breaches in the country. 

Shadow Minister for the Prevention of Domestic, Family and Sexual Violence Amanda Camm said the trend was frightening.

“These aren’t just numbers on a page. Every single figure is a victim who is now fearing for their safety at the hands of a predator,” Ms Camm said.

“It’s a victim struggling to sleep at night, scared to leave their home, scared to walk down the main street.

“This is Queensland’s dark truth.

“It proves we aren’t doing enough for domestic violence victims in Queensland.

“While Labor talks about review after review, more and more women and other victims of domestic and family violence are left extremely vulnerable in dangerous situations.

“These women take out a DVO hoping it will keep them safe, but I’ve heard countless times from victims across the state that these breaches are happening all the time and in most cases the offender walks free.

“Too many women have taken out a DVO only to have it breached multiple times.

“It has to stop.”

Ms Camm said the LNP backed three genuine solutions to protect victims of domestic and family violence including:

  • Strengthening information-sharing between departments and services;
  • Major investment in perpetrator programs across the state and;
  • Overhaul training for police and judicial officers. 

“We need urgent action on domestic violence to ensure women are kept safe,” Ms Camm said. 

“There is no more time to delay, the State Government must act now.

“We must do more to protect victims of domestic and family violence”.

DVO Breaches Queensland  
Region  2015  2021  Percentage increase2020  Percentage increase
Gold Coast1,5283,998162%3,16926%

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