20201222 - GOLD COAST QT-3

The Treasurer has given up on cost of living relief

Shadow Treasurer David Janetzki

The Treasurer has given up on cost of living relief for Queenslanders and can’t be trusted.

It is extraordinary that the Treasurer would increase car registration and then try and tell Queenslanders it is actually falling.

Cameron Dick is taking Queenslanders for a ride on this one.

He’s completely divorced from the real world.

It’s obvious the impending State Budget is under serious pressure and Cameron Dick only cares about his own bottom line instead of Queensland household budgets. 

The Palaszczuk Government’s budget record is one of hollow log raids, higher taxes and accounting trickery.

The government fails to understand the plight of Queensland families whether it’s ballooning valuations on flooded properties or paying rego on their car.

Queensland households are facing a triple whammy of natural disasters, rising prices for necessities and housing availability and affordability challenges – and now he’s increasing taxes too.

Most disturbingly, they have a state government that doesn’t seek to provide assistance with any of them.

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