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Townsville’s month of crime madness

The latest analysis of crime data has revealed a frightening number of offences being committed on the streets of Townsville, in further proof Labor is losing control of crime.

Queensland Police Service statistics* from the police divisions of Townsville, Kirwan, Mundingburra and Deeragun have revealed the full extent of the crime crisis gripping the north.

From March 6th to April 5th, 78 cars were stolen and 307 cases of unlawful entry.

Opposition Leader David Crisafulli described it as a month of madness.

“These figures are extraordinary and should ring alarm bells in the Premier’s office,” Mr Crisafulli said.

“This government has been in power for seven years, but they still can’t fix crime.

“Their plans aren’t working.

“The local Labor MPs have given up.

“Townsville is a beautiful city that has been hijacked by young thugs who are laughing at Labor’s soft laws.

“The LNP has repeatedly called on the State Government to introduce breach of bail as an offence for young offenders.

“If breach of bail was an offence and a young offender broke any one of their bail conditions, the system would be able to intervene early.

“Labor has failed to get youth crime under control, failed to protect our community and failed to do right thing by our children.

“It’s time the State Government strengthened our laws to get these young offenders off the streets.

Shadow Police Minister Dale Last said the community was sick of being ignored.

“This Brisbane-centric Government spends money on new police choppers and creates specialised taskforces just for the South East,” Mr Last said.

“What more will it take for the Premier to see how bad the situation is in North Queensland.

“The short term and long term data speaks for itself.

“Thugs are winning this crime war, and the local Labor MPs are clueless on how to fix it.”

*Townsville / Kirwan / Mundingburra / Deeragun Police Divisions Combined

Unlawful Use Motor Vehicle
In the last month
(6 Mar 22 and 5 Apr 2022) there have been 78 cars reported stolen

Unlawful Entry

In the last month
(6 Mar 22 and 5 Apr 2022) – 307 unlawful entry cases

Unlawful Use of a Motor Vehicle – 3 month comparison

Dec 20 to Feb 2176793611202
Dec 21 to Feb 221051327626339
Increase/DecreaseUP 38%UP 67%UP 111%UP 136%UP 68%

Unlawful Entry – 3 month comparison

Dec 20 to Feb 2121427616834692
Dec 21 to Feb 22342425227811075
Increase/DecreaseUP 60%UP 54%UP 35%UP 138%UP 55%

Sexual Offences – 3 month comparison

Dec 20 to Feb 21262719880
Dec 21 to Feb 223731121797
Increase/DecreaseUP 42%UP 14%DOWNUP 112%UP 21%

Assaults – 3 month comparison

Dec 20 to Feb 211411107543369
Dec 21 to Feb 22355352262711040
Increase/DecreaseUP 152%UP 220%UP 249%UP 65%UP 182%

Robbery – 3 month comparison

Dec 20 to Feb 217313427
Dec 21 to Feb 2216119339
Increase/DecreaseUP 128%UP 267%DOWNDOWNUP 44%



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