Hospital report must deliver for Mackay Mums

The LNP is calling on Queensland Health to release its explosive report into Mackay Base Hospital in full to the people of Central Queensland today. 

Following reports of alleged malpractice and a sustained campaign by whistleblowers and the Opposition, an investigation was launched into the obstetrics and gynaecology services at the Mackay Base Hospital.

That vital report is now overdue.

Leader of the Opposition David Crisafulli said the report should be released today and must become a genuine platform for change for Mackay Hospital and Health Services. 

“This report must be released by the State Government without delay,” Mr Crisafulli said.

“This report should give clear answers to what went so horribly wrong at Mackay Base Hospital.

“We need to restore trust in maternity services because these failures could have lifelong implications for women.

“The trauma these women experienced should never be allowed to happen at this hospital, or any other Queensland hospital.

“Serious allegations were made by multiple women.

“They deserve answers and they deserve the truth.

“We won’t stop fighting for better health care, because the Queensland health crisis is affecting Queenslanders every day.

“That’s why we held a Health Crisis Town Hall in Mackay last year.”

Shadow Minister for Integrity in Government Fiona Simpson said the State Government had a history when it came to avoiding scrutiny.

“Queenslanders are finding it harder to trust this third term government,” Ms Simpson said.

“This report into obstetrics and gynaecology at Mackay Base Hospital is serious and must be released on time and in full.

“The Premier is more interested with how things look, than how they really are.

“Queensland has the worst ambulance ramping in the country and instead of trying to fix the problem, in its third term, this Labor government instead investigated ways to fudge the figures.

“Local patients deserve to know the truth.

“The full report must be released to the public instead of what we usually see which is a watered-down version to make Labor look good.”

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