Bundaberg Hospital investigation

Shadow Health Minister Ros Bates

I am deeply concerned about the alarming developments at Bundaberg Hospital.

We can now confirm disciplinary action has been taken against staff for medical malpractice with more investigations launched.

I am also deeply concerned by the Palaszczuk Government’s attempts to hide the truth from Queenslanders.

If the Opposition hadn’t raised these allegations on the floor of Parliament, the people of Bundaberg wouldn’t know the seriousness of what is happening inside their hospital.  

Patient safety must always be our top priority.

In the middle of the Queensland Health Crisis, Queenslanders are appalled the State Government is prioritising secrecy over openness and transparency.  

Unfortunately, I fear we still do not have the full story.

Secrecy won’t fix the Queensland Health Crisis.

Queenslanders deserve an open and transparent government, especially when it comes to healthcare.

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