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Forensic Services Lab Inquiry

Our state’s Forensic Services Lab is failing and the State Government is failing to understand the gravity of what this means for Queenslanders.

Victims of serious crimes are being denied justice due to these failings.

Following detailed consultation, it is the firm view of the Opposition that the operations and outcomes of the Lab should be examined by the new Commission of Inquiry being conducted into the Queensland Police Service.

This view is shared by victims and forensic experts. 

The Lab sits at the very heart of the Queensland justice system and its success is far too important to only be examined in another review.

The Lab has been the subject of multiple reviews over the last two decades that have repeatedly failed to deliver the outcomes to reform the Lab.

The State Government only announced another review following pressure by the media and the Opposition.

The State Government must listen on this and include the Lab in the Police Inquiry.

This is too important for the State Government to again play protectionist politics by conducting reviews that don’t drive genuine change.

This is about protecting Queenslanders not the image of the State Government.

This is about saving lives and delivering a justice system that every Queenslander deserves.

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