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Justice for Kate and Matthew

Today the LNP has called on the Attorney-General to appeal the sentence handed down to a juvenile offender who killed Matthew Field, Kate Leadbetter and their unborn baby Miles while they were walking their dogs on Australia Day last year.

This sentence is manifestly inadequate and does not meet community standards.

Quite simply, this sentence is not proportionate to the damage caused by the offending.

This juvenile offender was drunk and high at the time, driving erratically and was out on bail.

Today I spoke with Matthew Field’s father, Russell. Russell told me of the terrible toll this has taken on his family and the family of his son’s partner Kate Leadbetter.

Our youth justice system currently sends a message to young offenders there are no significant consequences for their offending.

Tragedies are the inevitable conclusion of a broken youth justice system.

A sentence that is proportionate to the crime is necessary.

A sentence that acts as a deterrent is necessary.

The appeal of this sentence is necessary.

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