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Our fight for justice

The LNP has backed a petition calling for an appeal to a manifestly inadequate sentence handed down to a juvenile offender who killed a young couple and their unborn baby in the Redlands last year.

The petition also calls for changes to the Youth Justice Act to curb the growing youth crime crisis and to legislate breach of bail as an offence to prevent the horrific trauma happening to any other Queensland families.

Matthew Field, Kate Leadbetter and their unborn son Miles were innocently walking their dogs on Australia Day last year when they were hit by an out-of-control stolen car, driven by a teenager who was drunk, high and out on bail.

He will only spend six years of a 10-year sentence behind bars. He will be free at the age of 23.

Leader of the Opposition David Crisafulli today joined Redland City Council Mayor Karen Williams and the parents of Matthew Field, Russell and Ann, who launched the petition at the crash site.

Mr Crisafulli said the LNP joined the Mayor and the families to fight for change.

“We must appeal this sentence and we must change the Youth Justice Act which is letting down Queenslanders across our state,” he said.

“Russell and Ann have gone through what no parents should ever have to.

“This tragedy rocked the families, it tore apart the community and it showed us all in Queensland that we have to do more to get on top of youth crime.”

Mayor Karen Williams said there was a groundswell of support in the Redlands community for change.

“Community outrage can now be turned into community outcome,” she said.

“The one thing we can do as a community is to make a difference.

“Community outrage changed gun laws in this country, community outrage put coercive control on the agenda, and today I ask our communities to make sure this law is changed in the name of Kate, Matthew and Miles.”

Local MP Mark Robinson called on all members of the Redlands community to sign the petition.

“This tragedy sent shockwaves through our community last year,” he said.

“We now need to get behind this petition in the name of change and in the memory of Matt, Kate and Miles whose lives were so tragically taken last year.”

Mr Crisafulli said the youth justice system in Queensland was broken and again called for breach of bail to be legislated as an offence.

“We must have laws in this state that are fit for purpose, we must have a Youth Justice Act that enables young offenders to turn their lives around and we must also impose sentences that protect our community.

“We must stand for change.”

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