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Queenslanders fight for change

Tens of thousands of Queenslanders have joined the fight for change backing a petition following the tragic deaths of Matthew Field his partner Kate Leadbetter and their unborn son Miles on Australia Day last year.

Ben Cannon, the community hero who confronted violent teenagers during the home invasion of his neighbours, the Kefu family, today joined Leader of the Opposition David Crisafulli to sign the petition which was launched last week by the family of Matthew Field.

Mr Cannon said he wanted to ensure his signature and voice was heard to make change.

“What happened to my family and my neighbours was the direct result of an ineffective system to retain these juveniles that commit these crimes,” he said.

“In an instant our lives changed forever, but the lives of these people that cause these crimes go on seemingly unchanged.

“I don’t understand why the government doesn’t feel the same anguish that we feel in the community.

“This is an important cause. The system must change.”

The petition which calls for an appeal to the manifestly inadequate sentence handed down to the juvenile offender who killed Matthew, Kate and their unborn baby in the Redlands last year also calls for changes to the Youth Justice Act.

It calls for breach of bail to be legislated as an offence to prevent the horrific trauma happening to more Queensland families.

Leader of the Opposition David Crisafulli said the petition sent a strong message that there must be consequences for actions.

“Tens of thousands of Queenslanders can’t be wrong,” he said.

“They want to see a Youth Justice Act that works for them, they want to see consequences for actions, and they want to see an appeal for a sentence that will allow a juvenile offender back in the community sooner than they should.

“One of the glaring holes in our Youth Justice Act is that there are no consequences for actions.

“Without breach of bail as an offence, Queenslanders will continue to see the same crimes committed in the same suburbs.

“The only thing that changes are the families whose lives are ripped apart.

“Queenslanders deserve better.

“The government must listen, and they must act.

“We will continue to stand for change.”

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