Government must take action on Foot & Mouth Disease threat

Shadow Minister for Agriculture Tony Perrett

The threat of Foot and Mouth Disease is on our doorstep.

This is a genuinely serious risk which threatens Queensland’s valuable livestock industries.

It needs action now.

The outbreak in Bali has heightened the biosecurity risk to Australia.

Biosecurity screening, including feet dips and other measures for people returning from Indonesia, including the tourist hotspot of Bali, must start now.

I support the call from the Federal Shadow Agriculture Minister David Littleproud, to immediately commence feet dips with disinfectant for people arriving on flights from Indonesia.

Last month’s state budget was a missed opportunity for the State Labor Government to deal with and prepare for our biosecurity risks.

When public service numbers are soaring in other departments DAF’s biosecurity staff has not changed.

Animal Biosecurity & Welfare (ABW) staff numbers have significantly dropped under this government.

ABW operations staff have dropped from 56.5 in 2015 to 44.8 in May, and field vet staff have gone from 7.6 to 6.3 Full Time Equivalents (FTEs). *

Biosecurity is going backwards as our threats increase.

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