State Government losing control of Cairns crime

Shocking new figures show the State Government is failing to tackle the Youth Crime Crisis in Cairns and keep Queenslanders safe.

New data obtained by the LNP Opposition shows the Youth Crime Crisis spiralling out of control to record levels.

More than four cars were stolen and 14 break and enters were recorded every single day in the last month. 

Between 17 September and 16 October 2022:

  • 126 cars were stolen (over four per day)
  • 430 break and enters were recorded (over 14 per day)
  • 507 other thefts took place (over 16 per day)
  • 222 assaults occurred (over seven per day)

Leader of the Opposition David Crisafulli said the State Government was losing control of a youth crime wave gripping the Far North.

“These figures speak for themselves,” Mr Crisafulli said.

“This is what happens when you don’t have consequences for actions.

“Youth criminals are turning the lives of Cairns residents upside down.

“It’s clear their thought bubbles to reduce youth crime have failed.

“It’s clear they’ve stopped listening to the community and our solutions.

“The State Government must make breach of bail an offence today.”

Mr Crisafulli and Shadow Local Government Minister Ann Leahy are addressing Mayors and Councillors at the LGAQ annual conference where many of the resolutions are focussed on crime.

“The fact that our councils have to turn their attention to addressing a key State Government responsibility is proof the Premier and her Government have checked out of governing,” Ms Leahy said.

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