Statement from Shadow Health Minister Ros Bates

The Health Minister has again refused to tell Queenslanders which hospitals are still placing grieving women who have lost their baby next to newborns and their parents.

Yesterday the Premier said it was despicable the Opposition would ask these questions.

Erin was one of the brave women who went public with her story.

Today, while she was in the public gallery at Parliament, we asked questions on her behalf.

During Question Time Treasurer Cameron Dick was caught-out in a major hot mic gaffe saying “misrepresenting” and “making it up.”

When will this government learn?

They’ve given up and they no longer listen.

They’ve become so arrogant and lack any compassion for the victims of the Queensland Health Crisis.

Cameron Dick must unreservedly apologise for his shocking choice of words, while a victim of the Queensland Health Crisis was sitting in the public gallery.

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