STATEMENT: Shadow Transport Minister

Palaszczuk Government’s broken promise costing commuters

It’s been two years since Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey promised construction would start a year ago on the second Centenary Bridge at Jindalee but Queenslanders are still waiting.

It’s nearly 2023 and construction has still not started on the major project in a major fail by the Palaszczuk Government.

The Palaszczuk Government promised voters during the election that construction would start in the middle of 2021.

It hasn’t. That broken promise is costing Queenslanders time and money.

Mark Bailey’s latest fail joins a long list of projects that are not on time or on budget.

Bailey’s Budget Blowouts have now cost Queenslanders billions of dollars meaning vital funding for government services have been washed down the drain.

Shadow Main Roads Minister Steve Minnikin said the Premier and Mark Bailey must explain why they have failed to deliver on their promise.

“Why is this project running so late?” Mr Minnikin said.

“Motorists in the western suburbs are crying out for congestion relief and this government has stopped listening.

“The Palaszczuk Government promised construction would start mid last year. It didn’t. Since then we’ve heard nothing.

“There is no timeline and no start date.

“It’s typical of this third-term government that is only interested in how things look, not how things actually are.

Mr Minnikin said when Mark Bailey was asked to explain the delay in a parliamentary question on notice, he said it was still in the tender phase with no timeline and no guarantee that it would be delivered within the budget of $244 million.

“When will Queenslanders get the bridge they were promised?

“How much will it cost?

“Why has it taken so long?

“Why has another state-run project already blown out in cost and time before a shovel is in the ground?

“Why have you broken your promise to Queenslanders?

“Queenslanders have rightly had enough of this long list of infrastructure fails under Mark Bailey’s watch.

“The Minister must get on with the job and build this bridge.”

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