STATEMENT: Shadow Water Minister & the Construction of Dams

The Premier and Water Minister Glenn Butcher have failed Central Queenslanders on water security.

Central Queenslanders know water is the lifeblood of the regions, but that means nothing to the Palaszczuk Government.

The Palaszczuk Government’s complete disregard to provide the region with vital water security is the reason the funding for the Urannah Dam project has been cut by Labor.

A detailed business case for Urannah Dam was almost finished, and Environmental Impact Statements were deep in discussions.

This dam was also set to deliver reliable and affordable energy through hydroelectricity at a time the Federal Government’s own figures show power prices will rise by over 50%.

This nation building, drought proofing project can’t just be kicked into the long grass.

After three terms in office, the Palaszczuk Government has given up on listening to Queenslanders.

Water security matters.

Labor MPs like Glenn Butcher and Julieanne Gilbert need to start fighting for the regions.

We will always listen to Queensland farmers, families, irrigators and industry, because a lack of water security has serious ramifications for local manufacturing and agricultural production.

The Palaszczuk Government has been in power for nearly eight years and their record on water security, funding projects and building dams is appalling.

Regional Queenslanders deserve better.

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