Shadow Child Safety Minister Amanda Camm

The Child Safety Minister must step up and act after yet another appalling story has emerged from a former worker

The Minister cannot claim she’s not aware of these issues given the LNP has been sounding the alarm for months.

The stories shared by this brave whistleblower are shocking, but sadly not unique.

It’s time for the Minister to lead.

It’s time for her to do her job and protect our most vulnerable kids.

The Minister continues to hide behind the Privacy Act to protect herself, and not the kids she’s there to represent.

Multiple current and former employees have come to me with harrowing stories which they cannot share publicly because of fears of repercussions.

I have no doubt the Minister is aware of these issues, yet she continues to turn a blind eye.

In the end, this Minister’s inaction is leading to the abuse and trauma of countless children who deserve so much more from this government.

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