LNP calls for reconstituted Commission of Inquiry

DNA Lab victims cannot be forgotten

Please attribute the following to Shadow Attorney-General Tim Nicholls: 

“One year ago today, the Opposition sounded the alarm on the failings at Queensland’s Forensic Services Lab. 

“Today, the Queensland Opposition is calling on the State Government to set up a reconstituted Commission of Inquiry to support victims failed by the Palaszczuk Government’s Forensic Services Lab fiasco. 

“The Opposition fears unless an independent Commission is established victims will be forgotten by the Palaszczuk Government. 

“The Commission should receive and investigate complaints by victims of crime who believe their matter may have been affected by the failings of the Lab. 

“It should work with police, and more specifically Task Force Helix, and the Director of Public Prosecutions so that victim survivors and Queenslanders can have confidence that everything is being done to protect the public.     

“The Commission should also monitor the progress of those matters where a failure of the Lab has been identified and most importantly, it should provide advice and ongoing support to victims of crime so they can be satisfied that their matter has been properly heard and investigated.

 “The Commissioners should be obliged to regularly report to Parliament on progress.      “The Commission must be properly resourced to investigate the cases of any victim failed by the mismanagement of the Lab. 

“This will ensure no one is forgotten or left behind and is given every chance to see justice served.

 “This is one of the most catastrophic failings of an institution in Queensland’s history. The Palaszczuk Government’s maladministration of the Lab has had a devastating ripple effect across the Justice System. 

“That ripple could last years and during that time victims of crime must be supported.”

Please attribute the following Shadow Minister for the Prevention of Domestic, Family and Sexual Violence Amanda Camm: 

“One year ago today, the Opposition sounded the alarm in Parliament on the Lab’s failings.  

“Our fear was that victims were being denied justice and murderers and rapists were potentially walking free. 

“Exactly six months ago, the Health Minister accused the Opposition of “playing politics” when we demanded a Commission of Inquiry be set up to investigate the failings. 

“The Opposition has watched the hearings closely and has been contacted by victims failed by the Lab. 

“The Opposition fears victims have not received proper support to deal with their individual cases.   

“The Palaszczuk Government must commit to establishing a reconstituted Commission of Inquiry today to give victims certainty that they won’t be forgotten once the initial Inquiry returns its report. 

“We cannot allow victims to be forgotten by the Palaszczuk Government which has already failed them. 

“The Palaszczuk Government has consistently failed to deliver the reform Queenslanders need following the release of reports. 

“When reports are released, the job is not done, and in this instance, victims cannot afford for more inaction by the Palaszczuk Government.

 “We need an independent Commission so we can give victims failed by the Palaszczuk Government’s Forensic Services Lab the support they deserve. 

“The Palaszczuk Government must commit to this today.”

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