20201222 - GOLD COAST QT-3

Western Downs tragedy

Queenslanders are confronting the tragic events that occurred in the Western Downs overnight.

Multiple fatalities occurred, including the loss of two police officers and another man.

Constable Rachel McCrow and Constable Matthew Arnold died protecting their community.

They made the ultimate sacrifice.

They were just 26 and 29 years old.

The family of a Queenslander, a neighbour, is also grieving and their hurt and pain cannot be overlooked. 

I know the thoughts and prayers of Queenslanders are with our policing community, their families, their friends and the local communities they work with everyday to keep safe. 

The community is being tested today and we must all support them through what is and will be a very difficult time. 

The loss of Constable Arnold and Constable McCrow is a stark reminder of the work our police do every single day.

Queenslanders will never forget their sacrifice. 

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