Housing Investment Fund to build new homes for Queenslanders in need

An LNP Government would redirect the focus of Queensland’s Housing Investment Fund to build new social homes, and empower the Community Housing sector, LNP Leader David Crisafulli announced today.

In his Budget Reply today, Mr Crisafulli announced an LNP Government would invest the $2 billion fund into building new social homes to expand Queensland’s housing supply to ease the Queensland Housing Crisis.

Under the Palaszczuk Labor Government, the $2 billion fund has been used to purchase properties from the private market, which has put more pressure on renters in the middle of a housing crisis and forced more Queenslanders onto the social housing wait list.

LNP Leader David Crisafulli said the Queensland Housing Crisis has been born from years of Palaszczuk Government neglect, but an LNP Government will deliver for Queenslanders.

“Every dollar the Housing Investment Fund generates will deliver increased housing supply under an LNP Government,” Mr Crisafulli said.

“We will put an end to the lazy strategy of taking homes from the private market which is only putting the squeeze on renters.

“To ease the Queensland Housing Crisis, we need to urgently increase housing supply, which means building more social homes.

“Nearly 50,000 Queenslanders are desperately waiting for their Government to deliver a roof over their head but have been let down by the Palaszczuk Labor Government.

“Queenslanders who can least afford it are paying the cost of the Palaszczuk Government’s chaos and crisis.

“Queenslanders should not be living in cars and tents or sleeping on couches.

“Instead of Palaszczuk’s empty promises, we will deliver hope and homes for Queenslanders.”

Mr Crisafulli promised an LNP Government would also work alongside the Community Housing sector.

“An LNP Government will utilise the strength of the Community Housing Sector to help deliver homes for Queenslanders,” Mr Crisafulli said.

“Under the Palaszczuk Government, Queensland has lost nearly 100 community homes and the sector has been neglected for too long.

“In contrast, an LNP Government is committed to growing the number of Community Housing dwellings every year we hold office.  

“The LNP has also put solutions on the table to ease the Queensland Housing Crisis, including prioritising infrastructure partnerships with local government to unlock more land for housing, unleashing the community housing sector and setting KPIs and delivering social housing projects on-time and on-budget.”

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