YOUTH CRIME CRISIS: Queenslanders most likely to become crime victims

Queenslanders twice as likely to be robbed, twice as likely to cop break-ins, compared with NSW

Shocking new ABS data reveals Queenslanders are more likely to be crime victims than any other Australians, with the number of robbery, theft, break-in and stolen car victims growing by 16% in just one year.

Alarmingly, Queenslanders are now twice as likely than residents in New South Wales to be robbed or have their homes broken into and nearly three times as likely to have their car stolen.

The figures show close to 200,000 Queenslanders became victims of thefts, robberies and break-ins last year, with the true impact of the Palaszczuk Government’s weak laws and fewer police laid bare.

The shocking new data exposes the escalating Queensland Youth Crime Crisis:

  • 18,195 Queenslanders had their car stolen, up 25% in one year.
  • 47,277 Queenslanders had their home or business broken into, up 21.5% in one year.
  • 126,394 Queenslanders were the victim of theft, up 12.5% in one year.

Leader of the Opposition David Crisafulli said the numbers confirmed the Palaszczuk Government’s Crime Crisis was threatening Queensland’s way of life.

“Queenslanders feel less safe today than a year ago and most believe the State Government’s laws just aren’t working,” Mr Crisafulli said. 

“More than ever, Queensland communities are being torn apart by crime and the Palaszczuk Government is still refusing to admit we’re in the grip of a crisis of their own making.

“Weaker laws and fewer police have created a generation of untouchables who know their rights are greater than the rights of their victims.

“The LNP has a plan to raise up the rights of victims, putting them at the centre of a plan to fight youth crime.

“Under the LNP, a Victims’ Commissioner would be appointed to support victims and Queensland Sentencing Advisory Council would include members who are victims of crime.

“The LNP would also provide victims with replacement driver licences and number plates without financial penalty, to help reduce the cost of crime to Queenslanders.”

Shadow Minister for Police Dale Last said Queenslanders shouldn’t need to live in fear of becoming the next victim of the Crime Crisis. 

“Queenslanders are living the reality of these shocking numbers every day because the Palaszczuk Government watered down the laws eight years ago,” Mr Last said.

“Families are worried about where to hide their car keys and how they can keep their children safe because crime is spiralling out of control.

“They know this Government is no longer listening because of their constant state of chaos and crisis, and simply don’t have the solutions Queenslanders need.

“Queenslanders deserve real solutions and until we create consequences for actions, remove detention as a last resort and deliver gold standard early intervention, we won’t break the cycle of crime.”


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