Shadow Minister for Child Protection statement 

The exodus of child safety officers across the state is more evidence of a broken system under the Palaszczuk Government.

The number of child safety officers leaving their jobs, from the Far North to the South East is alarmingly high and putting vulnerable children at risk.

With a vacancy rate of almost 40% in some areas, there is no consistency of oversight to ensure children are protected.

Vulnerable children will fall through the cracks.

The reality of the Palaszczuk Government’s failure to plan, deliver and evaluate is putting the lives of children at risk.

The Minister has failed to ensure we have enough child safety officers to investigate significant harm.

The Minister has also failed to ensure her own government’s timeframes are met with latest data showing more than 1,000 cases were not completed within 100 days of being reported.

Keeping vulnerable children safe must be the priority of the Palaszczuk Government.

We cannot afford to have this government failing our most vulnerable children by missing crucial timelines for investigations leaving kids potentially at risk.

The Palaszczuk Government must act now.

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