The Right Priorities for Queensland’s Future

Queensland LNP Leader David Crisafulli has launched the LNP’s blueprint for the future of Queensland, one year out from the next election.

The Right Priorities for Queensland’s Future outlines fundamental priorities for an LNP Government, which focus on the issues that matter most to Queenslanders.

The LNP will also today launch a new digital campaign sharing the experiences of Queenslanders who have been let down by Labor’s failures and believe the State Government has the wrong priorities.

The priorities have been developed after listening to thousands of Queenslanders during Health Crisis Town Halls, Backyard Crime Forums, Residential Care forums, community housing provider engagement and meetings with small business owners from every corner of the State.

The five key priority areas for an LNP Government, which will guide policy and decisions, are:

  • Making our community safer
  • Easier access to health services
  • Saving you paying for Labor’s failures
  • Securing our housing foundations
  • Working harder for Queenslanders

Leader of the Opposition David Crisafulli said for the past three years he and his team had been listening to Queenslanders about their priorities, which had formed the blueprint for Queensland’s future.

“Our blueprint outlines the Right Priorities for Queensland’s Future which will guide the policies and decisions of an LNP Government,” Mr Crisafulli said.

“Our priorities are Queenslanders’ priorities, the issues that matter most to them.

“Queensland is the state of opportunity, but for too long we’ve been held back by a Labor Government in chaos and crisis, focused on itself not Queenslanders.

“The next election is about who has the Right Priorities to heal the Queensland Health Crisis, tackle the Queensland Youth Crime Crisis, ease the Queensland Housing Crisis and Cost-of-living crisis.

“We have outlined priorities across every area of Government, to return integrity to government, restore the services Queenslanders need and manage our economy responsibly.

“Our priorities include making our communities safer with more police on the beat, re-writing the Youth Justice Act and reforming early intervention programs.

“Our priorities include easier access to health services by driving-down ambulance ramping and surgery waitlists, as well as reopening maternity services in regional Queensland.

“Our priorities include saving you paying for Labor’s failures by reducing government waste, delivering projects on-time and on-budget and driving-down the cost-of-living.

“Our priorities include securing our housing future by improving housing affordability and increasing home ownership, as well as delivering the infrastructure needed to protect our way of life.

“Our priorities include working harder for Queenslanders with increased student-to-teacher ratios, empowering the public service, and ensuring energy transition is affordable, sustainable and beneficial to all Queenslanders. 

“For too long Queenslanders have been forced to endure the chaos and crisis of this Labor Government, but we are charting a new course for Queensland’s future, with the Right Priorities.

“Over the coming months we will be continue visiting every corner of Queensland to speak with Queenslanders about the Right Priorities for Queensland and listen to their stories, their experiences and the issues that matter most to them.”

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